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Come rain or shine we all love a Barbeque. If you haven't had the chance to try our restaurants famous 10oz burgers and sizzling steaks you're missing out on a treat! Luckily for you we have those exact things available in the menus below, which we'll cook however you want under our little marquee in the sun or in a shower.

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  • Vegetarian
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Set Selections

Everyone loves a barbeque. So sit back, enjoy the weather and let us do the hard work.
We bring our famous 10 oz Scottish beef burgers and our 28 day aged rib-eye steaks out of our restaurant straight into your garden.

  • The Classic

    • Mixed specialty sausages e.g. venison, pork and apple, wild boar, vegetarian
    • Free-range chicken thighs with rosemary and garlic
    • Homemade beef burgers in ciabatta
    • Mediterranean vegetable skewers with herb olive oil dressing (v)
    • Penne pasta, courgette, red pepper and tomato salad (v)
    • Potato salad with celery, spring onion and mustard mayonnaise (v)
    • Tabbouleh salad (v)
    • Homemade coleslaw (v)
    • Mixed leaf and herb salad (v)
  • The Deluxe

    • Buffalo mozzarella bruschetta
    • Rib-eye steak with mustard & tarragon butter
    • Lamb brochettes with rosemary & garlic
    • Whole grilled sea bass with lemon & thyme
    • Portabello mushroom with garlic butter
    • New potato and rocket salad with herb olive oil dressing
    • Fennel, chicory and cherry tomato salad with basil oil dressing
    • Wild rocket salad with balsamic dressing and shaved Parmesan
  • The Hubbub

    • Lemon and herb marinated free - range chicken skewers
    • Moroccan lamb skewers with yoghurt & mint sauce
    • Halloumi, courgette and red pepper skewers with herb olive oil dressing (v)
    • Cajun spiced tuna steaks
    • Spicy couscous and mint salad (v)
    • New Potato and Rocket Salad with herb olive oil dressing (v)
    • Beetroot & red onion with balsamic dressing (v)
    • Carrot, orange & cumin salad (v)
    • Wild rocket & cherry tomato salad (v)


Small lunch - Order by 12pm, one working day before the event.
Larger enquiries up to 50 people - order by 12pm, 5 working days before the event.
Anything larger than 100 people - order by 12pm, 10 working days beforehand.
We do bend the rules from time to time, so if you find yourself in a bind please give us a call and we’ll do our best to help.

Our delivery vans aim to be with you up to 45 minutes before your specified time. As we’re often extremely busy we sometimes have to drop off food earlier than expected. Don’t worry though, all of our vans are refrigerated and the food is sealed for maximum freshness and longevity. If you want to know where our vans are for an order give us a call and our team can locate our vans in real time via trackers.

Complimentary Menus

Looking for something in addition to BBQ food?
See our recommended complimentary menus below. Click on the menu title to view the delights available.